Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sights of Portobello Road Market: The Food Stalls

Portobello Road is probably London's most famous market. It's been featured in many movies; everything from the children's classic, Bed nob's and Broomsticks to the famous romantic comedy Notting Hill.

Portobello Road Market has everything; antiques, food, clothes and accessories from up-and-coming designers, music, and of course some junk. Go there on a Saturday, and go early, to avoid the huge crowds of tourist who descend upon the market by midmorning.

This being a food blog, I took a bunch of photos down at the food end of the market. When I spend time in London, I go to Portobello on the weekends to get my fruit and veg. If you go on a weekly basis, the vendors get to know you and it's really a nice feeling to go back every week, pick up some great produce and get greeted nicely by some real Londoners.