Sunday, January 7, 2007

Korean Delight

It was my birthday on Jan 2nd, and last night some friends and I went out for Korean barbeque. It's a place here in Manhattan on 32nd Street between Madison and 5th ave, called Don Bogam. Our favorite dish of the night was something called Boolgogi, which was thinly sliced marinated beef, with glass noodles, straw mushrooms and onions cooked in a flavored broth. This picture does not do it ANY justice whatsoever but I thought i should post it anyway. There is also a picture of some of the side dishes (there were about 8 different things, everything from kimchi to mushrooms to spicy cucumbers and maybe one or two unidentifable objects as well!). I highly recommend Korean barbeque; it's very interactive because you get a grill in front of you and can flip the meat (or let them do it for you if you prefer).

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