Monday, March 19, 2007

Sugar on Snow

sugar on snow

A few weeks ago I traveled to Banff in Alberta, Canada. Little did I know I was going to fulfill a childhood fantasy on the trip. If you are a girl you probably remember the Little House Books. It is in these books that Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family make Sugar on Snow. Sugar on Snow is maple syrup that has been boiled to a certain temperature (approximately 10 minutes of boiling), poured out over a clean bed of snow and then rolled up on a popsicle stick. The result is a gooey and very sweet treat. We made our Sugar on Snow while snowshoeing. In the above photo you can see our guide Tim making Sugar on Snow. You can see his snowshoes as well. I only fell down once on those contraptions. Our guide Tim was very nice and knew a lot about the area. I highly recommend the tour company we used, which is called Discover Banff Tours.