Sunday, April 15, 2007

Arthur Avenue

Yesterday I ventured to a famous Bronx spot; the legendary Arthur Avenue. It's considered to be one of the "Little Italy" spots in New York. After a rather long journey (almost 2 hours of bus riding!) I got off the bus. During the last hour of my bus ride, the scenery consisted of bodegas and fried chicken shops. When I rounded the corner on to Arthur Avenue, I was suddenly in a different world!

Arthur Avenue looks a little like something out of the movies; I felt like I would see men in suits standing on a corner with big black town cars nearby. Needless to say this was not exactly what I found, though I did see a huge 1980's black town car at one point! So maybe the mafia aren't in plain sight...

There are a plethora of shops and restaurants on Arthur Avenue; everything you could ever need to create delicious Italian food! The pleasant surprise was the price of most of what I bought. The only expensive items were the olive loaf and the prosciutto bread (but I've never seen prosciutto bread before so I had to try it!) from Madonia Bakery.

There are lots of deli's and cheese shops and pastry shops. I'll leave you with the image below of a deli in the market... lots of tasty treats! If you want more information on Arthur Avenue try or

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