Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did You Know? Banana Facts

Did you know that bananas are always picked green? If they were ripened on the plant, bananas would be very mushy inside.

When buying bananas, it's perfectly okay to purchase them somewhat green, but it's important to let them ripen on a counter top in your kitchen. Don't put bananas in the fridge!

The only time it is alright to keep a banana in the fridge is when the banana is already fully ripe. Placing the banana in the fridge will turn the skin black, but the flesh inside will still be fine. Placing a banana in the fridge is the best way to slow down the deterioration of a fully ripe banana.

Bananas with brown speckles are wonderful to eat; it is at this point when they are very sweet.

Bananas are available all year round and come from tropical locations.


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