Friday, December 23, 2011

02 Sushi in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California

I'm by no means an authority on Japanese food, but if you are passing through the Los Angeles area and are in the mood for some tasty sushi at an incredibly reasonable price, try out 02 in Pasadena. They have all the usual fare, but what makes 02 really unique is their appetizers. I honestly don't think I'd call them appetizers as each item is a delicious plate of food that goes way beyond appetizer status (aside from the usual edamame, miso soup and seaweed salad of course), so, if you go to 02, order lots of these yummy and creative dishes! The gently seared albacore with crispy onions, wilted spinach and sauteed mushrooms is my personal favorite. Other recommendations are the sea bass and eggplant, the yellowtail with jalepeno in a citrus soy sauce, and the tempura shrimp in sweet chili sauce.

The sushi chefs are very friendly, and I've never had a piece of "fishy" fish. Everything always tastes fresh and as if it's been made with care.

02's address is: 245 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA, 91101


Dora Romero said...
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Unknown said...

I tried their sushi too! It’s gratifying and worth every bite, like dishes in Suffolk county catering halls.

Daisy Dee said...

I would love to visit this restaurant when I go to California again. I am amazed with how fine sushi ingredients are prepared. Chefs use different knives for different styles such as kershaw chive for a particular result of slicing and dicing.