Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food at the Oscars and Wolfgang Puck's Governors Ball

It was a once in a lifetime kind of occasion, that's for sure.  Unfortunately, it was a once in a lifetime occasion where cameras were prohibited.  I did however, have my phone with me, and managed to covertly snap a couple of not so excellent photos.  The light was dim throughout, so unfortunately I have not done any justice to the wonderful food.

Enjoying the red carpet
No longer the Kodak Theatre, but not enough time to change to it's new name before the ceremony day

Let me start by describing the ceremony itself.  All of us guests entered via the red carpet.  The only thing dividing us regular folk from the stars was a rope.  There was a lot of screaming from the grandstands when big stars entered, lots of networks doing interviews, and of course, lots of paparazzi.  The red carpet into the former Kodak Theater was pretty long, giving us a lot of time to soak in the atmosphere.  Upon ascending the sparkling staircase into the lobby of the theater, we were offered champagne.  There was champagne, more champagne, and seemingly more champagne, and yet interestingly a void of all other drinks, even water.

Ready to kick off the 2012 Oscars

After two hours of perusing the red carpet, brushing elbows with various celebrities, and enjoying the general hubbub of the paparazzi, we entered the theater and took our dress circle seats.  The show was run with ease and the atmosphere was generally relaxed - minus the few people always running back to their seats when the production announcer said, "Less than 30 seconds to air, ladies and gentleman PPPLLEEAASSEE take your seats!" 
Empty popcorn box from the ceremony and gold chocolate Oscar

About 2/3's of the way through the show they came around with little containers of popcorn.  Cute idea, but would have been nice if we would have also been offered some water!  Nevertheless it was a welcome treat after not having had anything to eat for hours.

The moment the show was over, everyone jumped out of their seats to either exit, or, if they were lucky enough to have a ticket, enter directly into the Governors Ball.  I was excited to attend the Governors Ball because my favorite kind of celebrity, the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck, was catering the party.

The Governors Ball

It turns out, that I didn't even get to sample all of the huge variety of items on offer.  Mini-dinner plates were served to us like appetizers.  There was lots of caviar, and lots of truffle flavored items.  There was comfort food (like chicken pot pie) and luxurious lobster.  There were adorable plates of beautifully presented mixed mini appetizers - mini potato latkes, crostini with prosciutto, miniature one-bite tacos and super tiny baby vegetables.  Baked potatoes were wrapped in gold foil and topped with mounds of sour cream and caviar.  Single racks of lamb were served with a delicate mint sauce and pea puree.  There were short ribs, pot stickers, sliders, and smoked salmon pizza too.  In the back of the room, there was a chocolate lovers dream; chocolate fountains, truffles, cookies etc.  And in the middle of the room, there was a giant, revolving band, led by Tony Bennett belting his heart out.

The thing that fascinated me most was how this event was made feasible.  Somehow, Wolfgang Puck managed to serve every dish warm to each of the 1500 guests.  To top that off, the food kept on coming, round after round, and hour after hour.  I'd loved to have viewed the behind the scenes kitchen to see they were operationally managing to make all this magic happen! 

One small section of the chocolate fountain bar
Passed mini-dessert plates, mini chocolate strobe light (on the left) included
Red beet pasta, delicious!
Mac and Cheese topped with a giant piece of truffle

Memorable; yes.  Exciting; yes.  Once in a lifetime; yes.  Cross it off the bucket list; yes!

My apologies again for the terrible photo quality!!! I defer you all to Google Images (search: food at the Governors Ball) to see some really fantastic photos. 


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